Source code for lucit_licensing_python.licensing_cli

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# File: lucit_licensing_python/
# Project website:
# Github:
# Documentation:
# PyPI:
# LUCIT Online Shop:
# License: LSOSL - LUCIT Synergetic Open Source License
# Author: LUCIT Systems and Development
# Copyright (c) 2023-2023, LUCIT Systems and Development (
# All rights reserved.

import argparse
import asyncio
import logging
import os
from pprint import pprint
import sys
import textwrap
from pathlib import Path
    from .licensing_manager import LucitLicensingManager
    from .licensing_exceptions import NoValidatedLucitLicense
except ModuleNotFoundError:
    from lucit_licensing_python.licensing_manager import LucitLicensingManager
    from lucit_licensing_python.licensing_exceptions import NoValidatedLucitLicense

[docs] async def cli(): """ LUCIT License Manager Command Line Interface | Query contingents of your license: | $ lucitlicmgr --quotas | Test the availability of the Licensing API: | $ lucitlicmgr --test | Query server timestamp of the Licensing API: | $ lucitlicmgr --timestamp | Query the version of the Licensing API: | $ lucitlicmgr --version """ llm = LucitLicensingManager(start=False) module_version = llm.get_module_version() home_path = f"{Path.home()}{os.sep}" config_path = f"{home_path}.lucit{os.sep}" log_format = "{asctime} [{levelname:8}] {process} {thread} {module}: {message}" parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description=f"LUCIT License Manager {module_version} by LUCIT Systems and Development. All Rights Reserved.", prog=f"lucitlicmgr", formatter_class=argparse.RawDescriptionHelpFormatter, epilog=textwrap.dedent('''\ examples: Query information about your license: $ lucitlicmgr --info Query contingents of your license: $ lucitlicmgr --quotas Release the occupied slots of your quota. Please note, this will stop ALL active instances: $ lucitlicmgr --reset Test the availability of the Licensing API: $ lucitlicmgr --test Query server timestamp of the Licensing API: $ lucitlicmgr --timestamp Query the version of the Licensing API: $ lucitlicmgr --versionapi Query the version of this Module: $ lucitlicmgr --versionlib additional information: Get a valid license in our store: Author: Changes: Documentation: Issue Tracker: License: Source: Wiki: ''')) parser.add_argument('-s', '--apisecret', type=str, help="The LUCIT `api_secret`.", required=False) parser.add_argument('-l', '--licensetoken', type=str, help="The LUCIT `license_token`.", required=False) parser.add_argument('-lp', '--licenseprofile', type=str, help="The license profile to use. Default is 'LUCIT'.", required=False) parser.add_argument('-li', '--licenseini', type=str, help=f"Specify the path including filename to the license file (ex: `~/license_a.ini`). If not " f"provided lucitlicmgr tries to load a `lucit_license.ini` from `{config_path}`.", required=False) parser.add_argument('-lf', '--logfile', type=str, help=f'Specify path including filename to the logfile. Default is logfile path is ' f'`{config_path}lucit_licensing.log`', required=False) parser.add_argument('-ll', '--loglevel', type=str, help='Choose a loglevel. Default: INFO; Options: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR and CRITICAL', required=False) parser.add_argument('-i', '--info', help=f'Query information about your license.', required=False, action='store_true') parser.add_argument('-q', '--quotas', help=f'Query contingents of your license.', required=False, action='store_true') parser.add_argument('-r', '--reset', help=f'Release the occupied slots of your quota. Please note, this will stop ALL active ' f'instances.', required=False, action='store_true') parser.add_argument('-t', '--test', help=f'Test the availability of the Licensing API.', required=False, action='store_true') parser.add_argument('-ts', '--timestamp', help=f'Query server timestamp of the Licensing API.', required=False, action='store_true') parser.add_argument('-v', '--versionapi', help=f'Query the version of the Licensing API.', required=False, action='store_true') parser.add_argument('-V', '--versionlib', help=f'Query the version of this Module.', required=False, action='store_true') options = parser.parse_args() input_api_secret = None input_info = False input_license_ini = None input_license_profile = None input_license_token = None input_quotas = False input_reset = False input_test = False input_timestamp = False input_versionapi = False input_versionlib = False if options.logfile is True: input_logfile = options.logfile else: input_logfile = config_path + 'lucit_licensing.log' if str(options.loglevel).upper() == "DEBUG": input_loglevel = logging.DEBUG elif str(options.loglevel).upper() == "INFO": input_loglevel = logging.INFO elif str(options.loglevel).upper() == "WARN" or str(options.loglevel).upper() == "WARNING": input_loglevel = logging.WARNING elif str(options.loglevel).upper() == "ERROR": input_loglevel = logging.ERROR elif str(options.loglevel).upper() == "CRITICAL": input_loglevel = logging.CRITICAL else: input_loglevel = logging.WARNING parent_dir = Path(input_logfile).parent if not os.path.isdir(parent_dir): os.makedirs(parent_dir) try: logging.basicConfig(level=input_loglevel, filename=input_logfile, format=log_format, style="{") except FileNotFoundError as error_msg: print(f"File not found: {error_msg}") logger = logging.getLogger("lucit_licensing_python") logger.debug(f"Loglevel: {str(input_loglevel).upper()}") if len(sys.argv) <= 1: # Exit if no args provided parser.print_help() sys.exit(1) if options.apisecret is not None: input_api_secret = options.apisecret if options.licenseini is not None: input_license_ini = options.licenseini if options.licenseprofile is not None: input_license_profile = options.licenseprofile if options.licensetoken is not None: input_license_token = options.licensetoken if is not None: input_info = if options.quotas is not None: input_quotas = options.quotas if options.reset is not None: input_reset = options.reset if options.test is not None: input_test = options.test if options.timestamp is not None: input_timestamp = options.timestamp if options.versionapi is not None: input_versionapi = options.versionapi if options.versionlib is not None: input_versionlib = options.versionlib try: with LucitLicensingManager(start=False, api_secret=input_api_secret, license_ini=input_license_ini, license_profile=input_license_profile, license_token=input_license_token) as llm: if input_info is True: pprint(llm.get_info()) if input_quotas is True: pprint(llm.get_quotas()) if input_reset is True: pprint(llm.reset()) if input_test is True: pprint(llm.test()) if input_timestamp is True: pprint(llm.get_timestamp()) if input_versionapi is True: pprint(llm.get_version()) if input_versionlib is True: pprint({"version_lib": llm.get_module_version()}) except NoValidatedLucitLicense as error_msg: print(f"ERROR: {error_msg}") sys.exit(1)
[docs] def main(): try: except KeyboardInterrupt: print("\r\nGracefully stopping ...")
if __name__ == "__main__": main()